13 May 2010

6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak

This new dinner venture took place a few weeks back but I juz wanna share it out .... Maybe you would like to give it a try !!

OKOK...without further ado, I'll go to the main points ...

Place we ate : 6 to 10 Grill and Nasi Lemak
Location: Section 17 ( Ground floor of one of the few blocks of flats called as " Gao Lau = or 9 Floors"

The shops plainly serve western food and nasi lemak. I dun understand what's the connection between Nasi Lemak and Western Food...anyway, the restaurant does serve Nasi Lemak...

The only signboard I can find...n the lady with specs is the "Tauke Liong"
The environment = Open air...u can see there's another block of flats opposite !!
Really open space lahh...Once it rains, die-lah.
Food that was ordered and served....

Forgot the exact name but it's sth like " Special Chicken Chop"
Around RM15

Lamb Chop - The mint sauce that was provided really is appetizing 
Around RM 17
Grilled Chicken Chop - my fave cuz they gave me Chicken Breast ...hehehe
Around RM13

The prices range from a min of RM12 - 30..depending on what u eat loh ...

My comments : 
The food was not bad...but the price is a bit high for an environment and condition of the place. Why did I say that ? 

U see, the condition of the place there is quite old. somemore, it is located on the ground floor of an OLD block of flat...besides that, I did not see any renovation efforts made...
The interior is simply very simple. I have 2 places in mind with better interior, environment and same price range charged which seems more worth it. Somemore, these 2 locations are considered HOT SPOT in Pj and the food served are tasty as well...

Anyhow, if you're interested...u can always drop by. No harm trying.  

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