08 February 2010

CNY Cookies Experiment....

Three little mice met up one Sunday to try to come out with CNY Chicken Floss rolls.

Experiment lab....pregnant mom is the one in white with specs!!
D pregnant mummy was kind enough to offer us her place as the experimenting base!

She also prepared the ingredients as well while all the other 2 little mice did are plainly lipat-lipat and goreng-goreng..

Roll Roll Roll the floss...!!

Now time to play with fire 

& also fooling around....with the pregnant lady out of sight...kekeke

The results after frying the floss rolls in the wok of hot oil....
mmmm...smells & looks niiiiceeeee...


Yumm Yumm...

A BIG THANK YOU to Mr Lew, the main photographer who popped by every now and then throughout the experiment ....

OK OK...and also Mrs. Lew-lah for taking that few shots of us fooling around...kekeke

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